Raising awareness for the importance of archaeology and paying homage to Wyoming’s diverse population and rich cultural heritage stretching back at least 13,000 years, Governor Matt Mead will proclaim September as Wyoming Archaeology Awareness Month (WAAM) at 10:30 a.m., Monday, August 28th at the Idelman Mansion.


September’s WAAM celebration will include the 19th Annual George C. Frison Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology and Wyoming Archaeology Awareness Month sponsored lecture will take place on September 28th at 4:00 p.m. in the University of Wyoming Ag Auditorium. Dr. Charles Stanish, Director Emeritus, Cotsen Institute, UCLA will present this year’s lecture titled, New Insights on the Nazca Lines of Ancient Peru.

? The famous geoglyphs of Nazca in Peru were carved into the desert over 1500 years ago. For almost 75 years these enigmatic drawings have fascinated people from around the world. Over the last five years, Dr. Stanish has been working in a valley north of Nazca called Chincha. He and his colleagues discovered a new set of lines in this valley that predate the Nazca ones by several centuries. Their excavations and analyses of the sites and lines in Chincha provide new insights into the social, political and economic function of these geoglyph complexes. This talk will highlight these new discoveries and demonstrate the ingenious ways in which people in ancient Peru structured their social, economic, and religious world.

? The Archaeology Fair, which has grown in popularity, will be held at the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site in Laramie on September 9, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. “The Fair aims to educate the public about Wyoming’s historic and prehistoric past as well as to raise awareness about issues related to the preservation and stewardship of the state’s archaeological resources all while providing a fun and educational experience,” said Greg Pierce, State Archaeologist.

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Throughout the day, attendees have the opportunity to meet local archaeologists, ask questions, find answers, and get “hands-on” with Atlatl throwing, pottery making, flint knapping and more. This year’s special guest is Eastern Shoshone Storyteller, Willie LeClair. The event is free and open to the public.

? The centerpiece of WAAM is a poster produced every year. It is distributed statewide, nationally, and internationally to more than 5,000 people and organizations to commemorate Wyoming Archaeology Awareness Month.

The 2017 WAAM poster highlights the Shoshone Encampment at South Pass. The poster is available free of charge, and may be picked up at the State Historic Preservation Office, Barrett Building, 2301 Central Avenue in Cheyenne, or in Laramie in the Anthropology Building located at 12th and Lewis, Room 312.

The posters are also available via mail with a $12 charge to cover mailing costs. Limit one poster per person. Send your request along with a check or money order payable to “Wyoming Archaeology Month” and your name and mailing address to:

Judy Wolf, State Historic Preservation Office
Wyoming Archaeology Month, Dept. 3431,
1000 E. University Ave., Laramie, WY 82071.

WAAM 2017 t-shirts and caps are available by clicking here.

Short-sleeved shirts are available at a cost of $16. Shirts in sizes 2XL are available for an additional $1.50. Long-sleeved shirts are available for $24. Add $1.50 for size 2XL. Caps are available for $16. Proceeds benefit WAAM activities.

Image attachments, courtesy of the Office of the Wyoming State Archaeologist

Shoshone Encampment at South Pass City Poster
Wyoming Archaeology Fair Flyer
Archaeology Month Lecture Fyler
Charles Stanish, Director Emeritus, Cotsen Institute, UCLA
The Nazca Lines