The Office of the Wyoming State Archaeologist (OWSA) works to identify, investigate, interpret, and preserve Wyoming’s archaeological resources. We do this in partnership with a variety of federal, state, and private entities including, and perhaps most importantly, the people of Wyoming.




OWSA envisions a Wyoming where knowledge about Wyoming’s past and the ability to participate in the investigation and preservation of Wyoming’s archaeological resources are readily available to every interested individual across the state.


  • Archaeological remains are integral to understanding Wyoming’s history and the interpretations of these resources allow us to accurately reconstruct past lifeways, events, and processes.
  • Archaeological resources should be preserved for Wyoming’s current and future generations as they are non-renewable, they help to interpret the past, and they are part of our shared cultural heritage.
  • We firmly believe the public should be integrally involved in the process of identifying, investigating, interpreting, and preserving our past.

Focus Areas

  • Investigating, preserving, and recording evidence of prehistoric and early historic human activity in Wyoming
  • Increasing inter-agency and interdepartmental cooperation to improve our ability to identify, investigate, interpret, and preserve Wyoming’s archaeological resources
  • Continuing to add to our understanding of Wyoming’s past in a meaningful way through the development and implementation of research projects across the state which meet scientific and ethical standards
  • Developing quality archaeology focused educational and outreach programs available for all of Wyoming’s citizens
  • Providing for the proper curation and preservation of archaeological materials and associated records submitted to the University of Wyoming Archaeological Repository