This is our most economical standard service. It is designed to provide a baseline of quantitative and qualitative data on a ceramic sample. Results of this analysis will allow the researcher to accurately and precisely describe the physical characteristics of a sample, such as type, volume and size range of temper and porosity of paste.    


Included in Analysis:

Not Included in Analysis:

 The advanced service is designed specifically for resource provenance studies, but is also suitable for detailed description of archaeological ceramics in general. If the goal is to “source” the pottery then either additional sediment samples must be provided for Grain Mount Characterization, or previously published studies must be provided with which to compare the ceramic thin-section.


Included in Analysis:

This service is provided as part of a resource provenance study. Please read the Sample Selection Guidelines prior to submission of samples. It is necessary to either provide us with a ceramic sample along with the sediment sample or to call ahead with information pertaining to the grain-size of inclusions in the ceramics in order that we may select the most appropriate grain-size for the analysis.


Included in the Analysis:

This service is provided for the analysis of coarse-grained chipped stone such as quartzite or orthoquartzite. Previous studies have shown that macroscopically indistinguishable quartzites can be differentiated based on textural characteristics such as grain-size, sphericity, roundness and the presence of accessory minerals.


Included in Analysis: